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  1. Ik heb een nieuwe 2015, 0 km op de teller en direct op uw naam. nieuw 23.800,00 Euro for you : 21.000 euro ! pick up in netherlands.

  2. I own a 2013 softail deluxe let me tell you this bike has all you need the. Look the handling comfort and it's affordable a short distance ride or a long distance ride just sit back and relax and let the bike take you down the road

  3. "Cruising is what this bike is all about." The best video and review of the Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe I've watched; and I've watched many. Though I'd settle for a standard factory paint job offered by Harley Davidson, this Deluxe Harley with the air brushed skulls done in this beautiful wine colour takes my breath away. I like it a lot. Best about the Deluxe Softail, though different paint is offered each year the bike itself remains pretty much the same. It's a beautiful motorcycle and a classic design. Thank you, David Cohen for this very fine review!

  4. Hi Dave, any hope of getting your butt in the seat of the new 2014 model for a review and update? Love the lines of this bike, and the Heritage too!

  5. I checked one out yesterday at a Harley dealer… really nice…
    but $AUS44,995 !!…it's a bit over the top at that price. They are nowhere near as pricy as that in the USA.

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