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  1. Dear Bike Hunter, I just chanced upon your interview while surfing for Fat Bob reviews. I was seriously thinking of buying Fat Bob next month and am now having second thoughts about my decision. If you can't buy a peace of mind @ Rs, 15+ Lacs, then what's the use. I would like to meet/speak to Mr. Rawat (Fat Bob owner) for one-on-one experience. Could you please share his number? It would be a great help….as like him I, too was dreaming to own a Harley since my childhood. I had heard about overheating issues and quality problems with Indian assembled Harleys, but was ready to overlook them; but what Mr. Rawat went through is sheer horrible.

    Thanks a lot for your really honest review! Regards, Ajit Shinde (Mobile 9821328442)

  2. great review dear….feel bad for the owner of the bike but if u just go thru the history of harley in india, der r a lot of complains from the user end and evry1 is gettin the same answer as to thi is hppnin bcoz of ridin conditions and methods…i feel harley is a very prestigious brand and shud luk into these and for india make sum necessary tweaks for their bikes as der r lots of harley fans here

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