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I love anything to do with Harley Davidson and have two beautiful children and a beautiful partner. In my spare time i like building websites and love anything to do with the internet.


  1. Get more compliments on my triump then any Harley I've ever owned, Feels really good to sit in the saddle of the baddest 800 pound cruiser on the planet

  2. I'm just gunna go out on a limb and say it- fat bob is harleys best bike out there. In terms of everything man- style, power, agility. this thing has it all!! and u picked the best song for it haha nice man.

  3. That paint job is phenomenal. Could you possibly shoot me some information on the color code/mixtures etc..

  4. stage 1 stage 2 stage 3 stage 4     don't matter I will still crush you       yours truly  triump rocket roadster

  5. There is a Dislike? WTF!? nice bike man. when mine grows up i want it to be like yours.

  6. Fatbob is such a beautiful bike, I don't understand why they're not more popular here in the US. I've learned from YouTube that they're pretty popular in Europe.

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