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  1. Interesting to watch. With only having had metric bikes,I've never had to use my tools on anything I've owned. I'm not short of tools either after 45 years wrenching

  2. so the only reason you removed the sensor was because you replaced it because of the frayed wire? Do I have to remove the sensor to replace the rocker cover gasket? thanks

  3. I was wanting to know, before you removed the gas tank and that is where the fuel pump is did you disconnect the battery ground cable?

  4. Excellent video ! thank you. Can you tell me what the torque setting is for the 3 bolts in the middle ? and the 2 3/16 ones on the outside

  5. The top rocker cover comes off by turning 90 degrees anticlockwise as you move it to the right side of the bike. (timing cover side.) Then put it back on by inserting it sideways (back edge of cover facing away from motor) and turning the cover 90 degrees clockwise as you go. That way you wont bite the oil seal with the cover and get an oil leak and you wont scratch the paint off the cover by jamming it on the frame.

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