Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle: LiveWire

Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle: LiveWire

Harley-Davidson has taken the wraps off a top-secret electric motorcycle prototype — a rocket ship they call the LiveWire. Charles Flemming, of the Los Angeles Times got a sneak peek, and a test ride.

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  1. Harley will get it… this project had been going on for 5 years and they still aren’t ready.. I saw a newer one. Nice machine. They got a battery that’s getting around 75 miles to a charge that’s in sport,125 in low mode.. they will get it. It’s Harley-Davidson

  2. Why would you buy this VS the Zero Sr …. 50 miles per charge, and Zero SR does 250miles per charge, not to mention 0 to 60 in 3 seconds.

  3. That thing sounds like a 10 years old toy, hahaha. But to be fair, looks cool. Reminds me old Buells, which HD "killed" , lol

  4. It,if it ever goes to production is really needing to get 150 to at least 200 mile range. That said,this is really a NEAT MACHINE. Maybe later they could have a fuel cell option, or maybe put some sort of turbo fan wind driven charger on it to get extra miles

  5. 0:58 Range is said to be 53 miles and a 3.5 hours recharge. 
    Jezzzz that won't even get me to work on my morning commute.

    Glorified toy for a rich hipster somewhere. 

  6. 50 mile range? 3 hours recharge? that's you're biggest problem right now Harley…. better crunch down all the cuteness on the outside and work on the inside idiots, no one is going to ride for 50 miles.

  7. The 2014 Zero SR gets 144 miles between recharge and 79 HP reaching the same top speeds and the same torque.

    Harley Davidson your an American company … you need to do better.

  8. 53 miles isn't very far ,100 mph will not attract the performance crowd , it doesnt sound like a jet engine it sounds like golf cart and the 3 1/2 hour charge time doesn't seem fun at all …  I dunno…. Im sensing a fail if they dont make at least those improvements. Not trying to be a downer, just sayin'.

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