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  1. second on the height of the rider. I'm looking at getting a 2015 wide glide that came with forward controls from the factory. I'm 5'7" and worried that I won't be able to reach the forward controls comfortably. I'm thinking that I should probably go with something that has mid controls instead. I've been to the dealer and they don't have any wide glides in Stock, just street bobs with mid controls, so I'm kind of at a toss up with what I should do

  2. Well, I have about 4300 on that wide glide I bought at the end of July. I was going south over the skyway Br. in St.Pete,
    went through sunpass left end of toll booth at 25 mph. , doing sixty in 3rd, kept throttle rolled shifted into 4th 5th and 6
    keeping gas up and letting clutch out quickly. I looked down and saw myself doing 115 mph, what a bike!

    At 3500 miles on the clock I had 2500 on her since H-D did a 1K service check, I cleaned out the air cleaner, wasn't really
    bad but there was dust sucked up, serviced it and re-installed, got tires up to snuff air wise that is, put in 92 gas,
    well let's just say that I'd clean the air filter every 2500 instead of at 5K.

  3. BTW, I AM keeping the sporty, still a damn good ride there, for those back roads,
    I pretty much had the block rebuilt, new tires and drive belt, dependable and economical, nothing wrong with having 2 bikes.

  4. YUP,,like it, been riding a 91 Sporty1200 and put 20K on her in the last 2 yrs riding the main back roads of central FL 301,41, 39, 60  but want to take much longer rides and I knew it would be rough on the Sporty at continuous hi-way speeds So I looked @ the Low Rider and StreetBobster. I liked the pipes on the Low Rider and engine but
    riding it was like trying to park the  Queen Mary into a dock. Street Bobster was better
    but it wold have cost a fortune for forward controls. The wide glide has the Tommy gun pipes and forward controls as well as the Beefy 103 cubic inch engine and 6 speed
    tranny. YUP will be riding her outa the lot Thursday, .

  5. Twin cams sound just like Jap cruisers now…you can hear all the chains and counterbalancers just hummin away like a sewing machine…don't get me wrong..the HD sound is still the best to my ears but…the Twin cam is a smog motor…stronger, and more grunt than many an Evo but no soul…

  6. The wide glides gotta be my favourite Harley, currently riding a triumph Speedmaster which is also a great bike, but one day…… at least the Harley guys dont mind Triumphs lol

  7. Cool video.  Though there's no point in wearing a heavy jacket, gloves, boots, if you're only wearing slacks.  Unfortunately I know this for a fact.  I had an accident recently, and I was dressed the same way.  My right leg got shredded.  Still limping a month later.  Leg protection is just as necessary.  Stay safe out there bro… 

  8. I imagine riding a cruiser as with any type of motorcycle can be fun. But why do most cruisers, especially harley cruisers need to dress up like pirates to go riding? Take this guy for example, look at this middle aged man wearing skull mask, the f'ing sap thinks he looks cool while in reality he looks like a f'ing asshole. And wtf is up with the assless pants, how gay is that? 

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