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I love anything to do with Harley Davidson and have two beautiful children and a beautiful partner. In my spare time i like building websites and love anything to do with the internet.


  1. I'm thinking of buying this bike but I hear the brakes are terrible and that worries me. How are they to you? I mean are they adequate?

  2. This 6:25 video was a total waste of my time and anybody's. It doesn't say Jack about how the Wide Glide is and what's it all about. A total waste!!! Please delete this video whoever placed it . It is a WASTE of time.!!

  3. From here on 'picture-sque' it is.I was toally thinking Arnie at the start & then you said you need a 'shotgun'. Great video

  4. Great machine and video bro, gotta love the carparks, lol, quite a few Harley riders just lately been suffering with alarm problems, RSM8.

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