Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider & Low Rider S Custom Builds│Club Style

Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider & Low Rider S Custom Builds│Club Style

Take a look at a few Heavily accessorized Harley-Davidson Dynas. The first a 2016 Low Rider with Two Brothers Exhaust system and loaded with custom work. The Second a 2016 Low Rider S with a 117 inch kit installed with Thunderheader Exhaust.
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  1. I too am in California. What version of the Bassani Road Rage exhaust did you use that is California legal or are you building the bike for off-road use only?

  2. getting my fxdls set up right now as we speak guy called said they couldn't do the quarter fairing so I looked up this video specifically and sure enough good ole Matt had my back with the brackets listed to make it work with the fairing, called my dealer back with info was handled in 10 mins.Thanks Matt!

  3. Looks like the Dynas are where it's at right now Matt. Tres cool, I really loved my Street Bob and these S Models are phenomenal. If I had the means I'd put together a Street Bob S. Thanks Matt.

  4. I must say as much of a bad ass bike the low rider s is I would rather have the regular one the color scheme and overall design is perfect in my eyes

  5. Ok I am a newbie how does this work? I go to Harley say I want this bike with these upgrades and they order them and I pay.or I buy the bike then order the shit on my own go back to Harley and pay to put it on. Great video

  6. Matt what did you do for the lowrider headlight? I have a 2016 lowrider and I have t bars and a firing to put on but that stupid visor that holds the light has me curious if there is an easy way to remount the light. Thanks

  7. Any power #s on the LowRider with the 110 , were there any mods or is it just a 110" shoved into it ? Thanks , I'm always looking for HP #s .

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