Harley-Davidson duo

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Harley-Davidson duo

‘Screw it, let’s ride’ is, I believe, the current Harley-Davidson slogan…just a bit more to the point than those of the past!

Made in America (well, around 70% of a complete bike)…a cultural icon, symbol of freedom. The cult motorcycle image strengthened in films such as Easy Rider, Pulp Fiction and Terminator.

I read with a smile once, that Harleys are bikes for ‘both judges and outlaws alike’. Which perfectly describes their wide appeal across the years.

Harley are up there with Ducati for me in regard aesthetics.

I was drawn to this pair of beauties I saw during my travels to the US and the young men that owned them were kind enough to let me take some shots and we had a lovely chat.

Posted by WinRuWorld on 2022-03-04 03:22:39

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