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  1. next2talljones. If anything with 4 cylinders will smoke anything with 2 then why do hd's routinely beat the Japanese bikes in the big races ? Why did race officials force hd's to add 50 pounds to make things fair for the 4 cylinder bikes ?

  2. I run my 1988 FXRS ported polished an flowed heads bigger valves and heavy springs 11 1/2 to 1 compresion adjustable push rods S&S SUPER G carb screamin eagle rev. Limiter stroaked 10.5 in quater mile with slick and 10.25 slick and struts at 145.3 mph in the 1/4 now thats not bad for evo motor now im adding a turbo hope to have video this spring 

  3. Filling those panniers with lead ingots WILL allow for easier wheelies.  Maybe a 150 kilo 'Welfare Momma', too!

  4. Jeeesssuuuusss baggers sounding like blown v8s!!! That is some serious cam action goin' on in those twins, I wonder what kinda' chains they are runnin' that can handle all that torque…

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