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Harley-Davidson Inc (formerly HD), often abbreviated H-D or Harley, is an American motorcycle manufacturer. Founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during the first decade of the 20th century, it was one of two major American motorcycle manufacturers (Indian being the other) to survive the Great Depression. Harley-Davidson also survived a period of poor quality control and competition from Japanese manufacturers.

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  1. I think more sense would have been to just make a street version of the VR-1000. Would have saved a lot of money and time.

  2. I wish they would bring back the original Superglide Low Rider complete with raised letter tires and full front fender along with the new engine and technology. Dat was a pretty bike.

  3. Hey I ride Harley-Davidson's and I like them a lot just as they are. I'm not into racing anymore so all I need is enough speed to get me home before the rain starts. I love riding slow, it's an art form. Also I can actually enjoy the surroundings because I am going slow enough to look around at what I see without rolling 100 feet forward in the blink of a eye, so nothing sneaks up on me.
    I would say Harley-Davidson riders are more mature than most and have nothing to prove. We don't use a motorcycle to prove how brave we are or that we are the best street racers. Nope, we just enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air and the wind on our motorcycles.

  4. The problem Harley / Davidson faces in this attempt to blend style with speed , is that most Harley riders are "posers" – those who want to look cool at the bar and somehow be associated with the legend of Harley , and not particularly interested in speed!
    – those who are into speed and performance aren't going to have a fat ol' lady stuck behind them as they plow the two-lane SR highways for the thrill of riding , so the hybrid style that Harley is seeking to design is not practical ! – in my opinion !

  5. How can they sell all the same ugly bikes with no changes? They all look the same!
    These old goats trying to engineer have no clue how to do a real motorcycle.

  6. "HD had put out some of the most classic motorcycles ever built" for 100 yrs. That is sad. No desire to improve or use technology. Sad. Sell the same old JUNK as a symbol and sentimental "spirit". More interested in speed than style? No, New bikes have way greater style.

  7. really 115 hp. with what 1.8 litres? Pisspoor. Take the engine to a maker that knows how to do it then you may have a motorcycle. My 780cc bike has over 100 hp and its a Sport tourer. Use power and handling Harley at least. Use some current technology from this side of the millenia. Poor designs, poor style, hold on to yesterday and sell people junk for dreaming of grandpappy on his old junker.

  8. I love Harleys it's the only type of Motorcycle Iv'e ever owned. But I think this was a waste of time. Because if they were gonna develop a racing bike they should have made a Ducati or Yamaha type of racing bike. As far as I'm concerned they just made a fast bagger. Stupid!!

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