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  1. @MrJoshMT If you don't have anybody to let you work on their bike, the best bet is work on your own, till you get it down on what your doing, then get the word out that you work on bikes, it takes time to create a reputation. I wouldn't go to a school, hard knox is the best school you can go to, teach yourself, and be proud of what you do. Pete

  2. Mr Pete is fucking awsome. Just about eveything I look up on you tube, Pete has done it.

    Pete you should look into making a valvless pulse jet engine. Really simple to make. You could put one on a bike or a car.

    Your fan F.d. Brat

  3. @swrnc Thank you soo much, im 15 years old and building a completely custom bike is just a future thought for now. First i have to learn, and for about 2yrs iv been reading harley and honda maintenance books and watching and reading dozens of days of just how to paint, do this, do that… welding is something i really want to learn, and just started learning so please excuse if i ask simple questions… so where could i buy a Miller Matic 250 welder for a cheap price? ….

  4. @Knights2theEnd The welder I use is a Miller Matic 250, which is a 250 amp welder, with either .30 or .22 gauge wire. This would be more then enough for you to use to build anything you wanted to build weather it be metal art or motorcycle frames. Most frame builders use Tig welders for the penatration and clean welds you get so you don't have to grind out in hard to reach places. Also if you are building a frame you might want to use chrome molly steel tubing. Pete

  5. @swrnc Hey, I am planning on building my own bike frame as well as doing all the fabrication, fenders, tank, etc. I was wondering, would a 250amp or even 500 amp MIG welder be good for both making the frame and the fabrication? I want to do the good professional job while not buying two types of welders when one can be used for two jobs (fabrication, building frame) I hope to hear from you soon, thank u very much!

  6. sorry my question is about the tig that i should use to weld and the caliber of the frame pipes i mean, i dont want to melt the pipes while im welding and i dont want to get the frame unwelded while im riding on the highway or if i fall into a hole in the asphalt, Abouth the weld should i use gas, electricity, tuxten or what?

  7. @jalatecompa I would use a tig welder–miller–if I was going to build a frame from scratch, But you have to have a Frame Jig to set everything up right. No—No seat for Bruno, He's going to have to sit this one out.. Thanks PEte

  8. HI dude im proyecting to build my own chopper frame but can you tell me what kind of welding should i use?? ilove the mexican music you use into your video? And ar u planning to build a seat for that dog to your bike??ja,ja,

  9. @TheMRE666 You will have to take it to a Motorcycle Fab Shop and have them put it on a Front Rake Jig Table. Then they will determine what rake you want and set it up for you. Don't attempt to do this yourself, your asking for TROUBLE and Danger on the Road.. Pete

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