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  1. This is an absolutely stupid race. Big twins make their power immediately, inline 4's take a second to turn on, then pull like hell, that's why my bike pulls the tire off the ground at about 70 MPH and its only a 600. Any time you run a short race like this a Harley will win, but this is a pointless race because that Harley was close to being at its max potential when the rocket was just getting into its power. Take them on a slightly longer road, or shit, if you really want to see funny take them into some roads that have turns and see what happens.

  2. Harley's are cruizers, Not race bikes!! Race bikes are for little children letting out their aggressions from being on too much Ritalin!!

  3. and here i am. thinking not just one ego was crushed in this race but the rest of the guys in the comment section too.

  4. That's possible. As someone mentioned before, it's the gearing. I ride a 2012 Yamaha FJR 1300 but that Harley would likely take me off the line because the FJR with it's 150 hp, does 100 kph (60 mph) in first gear, so it's hard to keep that front end down, you can't just dump the clutch.

  5. Harleys got MAD torque, my cousin has an old 1968 electraglide, and that fucker DESTROYS my 600 suzuki and 1200 off the line. Obviously I got better High end, but the torque is INSANE on those old choppers…. I like ALL bikes, they all have their purpose.

  6. If anyone actually considers this a race you're sadly mistaken. I have a feeling this video is strictly used as a personal vendetta against sport bikes…

    First of all, the average weight of a chopper is around 650-915lbs. Second, the low gearing and extended forks of the chopper provides him with enough torque, length and weight ratio that he has nothing but traction. (but will most likely top out at around 100mph). It would be like comparing an AWD drive car to a RWD. Obviously, off the launch, the AWD will always pull ahead.

    If the sport bike were to give it full throttle, it would instantly wheelie and throw him off. They aren't made for straight line launches. They are made for REAL racing, not this straight line garbage. Again, it would be like comparing an F1 car to a top fuel dragster.

    Take the Harley to hit some corners and watch him peg out and fall off his bike. Different bikes, different uses.

    This isn't a real race. <3

  7. it's about the torque. harley guys with those upgrade are way faster and stronger over any sport bike. but they choose to enjoy the ride and drive save and the is why sport bikes always crash lol

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