Harley-Davidson Bucherer Blue Edition Is the Most Expensive Bike Ever

Harley-Davidson Bucherer Blue Edition Is the Most Expensive Bike Ever

Making custom motorcycles, especially using a Harley-Davidson as a starting point, is nothing we are not used to. But having one tweaked in such a way that it costs nearly $1.8 million, now that’s something we don’t get to see every day.
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Harley-Davidson Bucherer Blue EditionHarley-Davidson Bucherer Blue EditionHarley-Davidson Bucherer Blue EditionHarley-Davidson Bucherer Blue Edition
Truth be told, it’s not the bike itself that costs that much, but the diamonds that adorn it.

Using a Softail Slim S as a basis, Swiss custom motorcycle builder Bündnerbike partnered with jewelry brand Bucherer to create what the two call the Harley-Davidson Bucherer Blue Edition.

It took the two companies around 2,500 hours to create this, or a little over three months. Most of the time was spend fitting no less than 360 diamonds on top of it.

But that’s not all Bucherer stuck onto the bike. Even the screws that keep the thing together have been gold-plated. Look closer, and you’ll even see two safes integrated into the tank.

The price set at nearly 1.8 million CHF, or roughly the same amount in dollars, makes it the most expensive motorcycle ever built.

The title of the most expensive bike ever sold went earlier this year to a 1951 Vincent Black Lightning, which shattered all records by selling for $929,000 at a Bonhams auction in Las Vegas. 

But that one at least is rideable on public roads. It’s not very likely the same will happen to the Softail.

It’s not clear what the two companies plan to do with the bike, other then drawing some benefits from the hype created when it was presented this week. Apart from having to be extremely wealthy, a potential buyer would also have to have enough confidence that a malicious someone will not go stealing a gem or two.

And yes, it is blue, not the color of choice for bike builders. But since it is meant to advertise Bucherer’s line of Blue Edition watches, we’ll give the bike a pass.

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