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  1. Good review. I liked that when you saw problem you had a solution. So many find thing just go OMG and that's it. Want to get breakout myself thanks for suggesting pipes and such.

  2. it lacks the power partly because the 103's on the breakouts are counter balanced motors. threw me off when I first got mine, because it was completely smooth. I was expecting the motor to have the "shake" like a normal harley would. they're really smooth on the highway too.

  3. surpluzz,
    Im 5'4 feet tall, you think I would have a hard time riding it and the handle bar wii be to far? thanks!

  4. I've owned three new Harleys.  Last was a 2012 Ultra Limited.  It beat me up for four years, and had absolutely no power, no suspension and no brakes   Then I got a real bike. … BMW K1600GT.     I ride a lot in that part of Arkansas.  Most fun is seeing how many Harleys I can pass in a row.

  5. That place looks like biker heaven.. harleys everywhere, beautiful smooth roads, beautiful country, i envy you brother. peace from the UK.

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