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  1. OK, I love how Harley haters are driven to rant. I drive a Vrod and a Softail Deuce 88. To be honest, all in all, I like the Softail. That said, when I am out on the Vrod, metric cruisers constantly screw with my little 1250 on their 1600/1800/2000/2100 yada yada.
     The street Vrod is not a racer, but I get a real kick out of the big engine rice burners thinking they can blow the dust of any thing made by Harley. I let them blast off, then I blow by them with the blinker on. It usually takes them several lights of trying harder before they give up.
    I have been on poker runs where a whole club of rice burners try and shame me. They learn too.

    Yeah, I know there are faster bikes, but in the cruising class the Vrod does a fine job. Yes it is a Porsche engine, and yes most of the damn fasteners are metric. The funny thing, there are too reasons you don't see a lot of Vrods on the Harley floor. It is not overly popular, that is true. But, go to the service department and ask them about Vrods. They 'work on' the v-twins, they 'service' the vrod. the dealers are unhappy about the lack of service revenue on this very reliable platform.

  2. Bought a new '16 Muscle back in June. I absolutely LOVE the bike. Rock solid, head turner, faster than necessary! V Rod is the best bike ever made by H-D in my opinion. So needless to say I'm devastated that H-D is discontinuing V-Rod after next month (Oct. 2016). I know in a few years or so when I want a new and/or improved one, they won't be there :(.

  3. neat to see the efforts that bikes get put through to make them (or the parts) fail. Makes me feel a little better when I'm aggressive with my Vrod Muscle.

  4. All I've got to say is that ANYONE who thinks this isn't a Harley Davidson is dead wrong. This is a very high-quality durable bike that is a blast to ride. is it traditional? no. But anything that doesn't evolve doesn't survive in this world, Harley Davidson isn't any different. I wish that every Harley enthusiast could ride one for a couple weeks. I'm pretty certain that, though they aren't for everyone, a lot of people would absolutely fall in love with this bike. I also think that this is a more natural version of what the dyna should have evolved into. P.S. I think the Milwaukee 8 is a big step in the right direction. I also wish HD would build a seriously fast sportbike.

  5. nice bike, but not for the price. you could buy a suzuki boulevard m109r or yamaha/star raider s and not JUST have more bike for the money…
    but just straight up MORE BIKE, and money left over to make it look proper.
    is it just me, or are metric bikes looking more like harleys and harleys looking more like metric bikes these days?

  6. 'Can't believe the Harley got up to eighty miles per hour! That's how he got caught, because his crappy Harley broke down. Dallas doesn't show live feed of the toy run anymore, because it was too embarrassing to Harley showing ALL the bikes broken down on the shoulder of I-35, hahahahahahhahahaha

  7. So, the new design problem faced by HD, is to design some bikes that will bring their stock price outta the tank, while recognizing that their most loyal customers are growing old and dying.

  8. I love my Night Rod but you can FEEL a lot of what they are saying in this video. Namely "it has to look like this". The motor is a fucking MONSTER, and pulled me away from my sportbike days. The overly raked out front and the super wide rear tire/poor rear suspension really does take away from the ride feel.

  9. Forgive me for being so negatively critical. By owning and riding one, their design management principles were not a surprise. Form before function. Riding gear, clothes and/or skin are burned by the exhaust every time I ride it, but it looks like a Harley. I can't see anything useful from the mirrors, but it looks like a Harley. It sits so low it sparks around mild corners, but it looks like a Harley. The rake is so long it handles poorly, but it looks like a Harley. It's a rolling piece of shit, but it looks like a Harley. The engine runs like a scalded dog, but it was designed by Germans.

  10. The VRod is not a copy of BMW,Yamaha and even less the DKW. Ok it is if you go by the fact that all three have two wheels and all three are marvels in the motorcycle industry. HD is a very popular machine all over the world no matter how many HD haters there are.

  11. this whole video is a lie. when Erik Buell patterned up with harley he need a motor that was lighter and had more HP. he went to Porsche . but harley was flipping the bill and they also want to use the motor in their line up. but harley made the motor so big and heavy Erik didn't want to use it and went to Aprilia for motors which is why harley shut him down.

  12. I remember watching this years ago when it came out. A month ago I started working for Harley Davidson and a couple weeks ago I got my first Harley.

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