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  1. Not bad. Don't pay any attention to the folks saying they sound bad. You can never get an accurate sound on youtube. The bike looks nice. If you want an alternative seat, checkout Mustang. La Perra seats are nice also, just not as comfy. Ride safe.

  2. Nice Bike, but honestly, the exhaust is only loud, not good sounding. It's raspy. Decent baffels would bring out the Deep tone and Bark better than hogged out straight through exhaust.

  3. I agree. The louder it is the more people are aware of something coming towards them
    so they are bound to take notice. I also installed a head light modulator on my Harley Sportster. It's all about making people aware of you being there.

  4. When he gets too old to ride is he going to put the Sporty engine in the mobility scooter that was next to it? Jokeing of course. Nice bike, I have a 07 Custom with V&H straight shots.

  5. Obamajoker- it looks like the Harley Sundowner accessory comfort seat. I've sat on them and they're much better than the stock seat.

  6. Holy crap , someone actually makes some sense for a change ! but yeah , nice bike , I would consider this bike for sure .

  7. The louder it is, the more people hear you and get annoyed at the wrong time. Going down the road the noise is behind you and somebody that might pull out in front of you still can't hear you until you're in collision range and it's too late. So really loud pipes do more to piss off neighbors and attract negative attention from police than providing any actual safety benefits. Nice bike though, stay safe.

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