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  1. @giggles628000000 Its a great idea. It was my first bike ever and I did just fine with it. I was actually surprised it wasn't quicker.

  2. @giggles628000000

    Actually its not a bad idea. If you can respect the 1250cc's its not awful. I never took a ride in my life, learned over a weekend at a New York State Rider Safety Class, riding a 250cc Suzuki. I got my license and went to straight to the dealer and learned to tame this bike in an afternoon. Personally I think the hydrolic clutch makes it easier to ride. I know ride my muscle all the time and its amazing!

  3. Thank you Porsche for the magic, coz without the GERMAN INTELLIGENCE everybody know this would never see the light in US. XD Cheers!

  4. A crotch rocket is something your wife has in her night stand!…I believe you were referring to a "Sportbike"…..Awesome muscle though, hope to have one next season!

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