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  1. I have the exact same model but over the years I have owned it I have had the colour changed to Red and Cream also added plenty of extra chrome, bub pipes and ss carb also had big bore kit to 1500cc .
    The sound is superb & the ride is nice , went to Barcelona on it in 2003 for the 100th year of HD European event . even so since new its only done 27,000 miles

  2. @raprit
    I think the late model HD, looks more like a jap bike, but thats my opinion.
    This will be the only Harley I'll own due to the beautiful design and style.
    I would like to ask Harley Davidson one day if they have changed there designer, as the new style does nothing for me.
    Sorry but this is how I feel, as I have told the local HD outlet in Melbourne.
    I will say this, the new HD is much faster, but if I wanted a fast bike I would buy an Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC

  3. That is a nice bike, Darren!!! I was actually looking to purchase that same color & model bike before i bought mine. It's just the guy would not budge on the price..He wanted $13.9K USD. It was a little different than yours. It did not have f/r turn signals which is rquired in my state…

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