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  1. Nice cool scoot but think all the kick start videos on you tube the bikes are warm that's why they kick on first kick……… 

  2. Just gave perfect instructions for some, illegals to hijack your bike  that live near by . Sounded like burnt valve or plug . Have solo seat on my Panhead when I got to see some exotic dance club have at least 4 a week that ask for a ride . They have enough tush they don't need a seat . Wake up next morning get breakfast feed to me , on to the next exotic dancer . Aint like grand with a chopper ? Thanks for posting the pretty girl . One in the hat that is .

  3. Ah…. Knucklehead with upswept scalloped fishtip exhausts, starts with one kick, it don't get much cooler than that.

  4. ron, you make all us guys who actually BUILD and ride these things proud!
    your care and craftsmanship show in how sweet that bike is and how easily it fires and how good it runs!
    look at some of the other fireup vids, and you`ll be horrified and pissed at the same time!
    thumbs up, my man!

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