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  1. Nice sounds. Might be time to take the mufflers off my Harley "72" Sportster. Would just have to get it remapped for the difference.

  2. IF you're going to be stupid, please don't do it inpublic. I have children who might see this. Put on a fucking helmet!

  3. hey what do you want to be when you grow up??? Put some mufflers on that POS harley…they sound way better with 'em…

  4. The nightster 1200 was really comfortable for me to ride. I'm 6'1" and I think I was 230 ish. Of course i probably feel comfortable on that because I was used to 1970ish Honda 50 lol now that was a small bike. But then again I only drove the 50 up north around my buddy's cabin

  5. snap crackle pop, sounds like shit. get yourself some nice straight pipes and get it tuned. itll be nice. btw i think you forgot to secure some bolts

  6. I will never ride another Harley, rode one from D.C. to Richmond and the right side of the bike got hot as hell, had to keep bottled water to keep my damn leg wet to keep from burning. Never again.

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