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  1. I have a great piece of advice from someone who has been around Harley's all his life put rinehearts on it for exhaust

  2. Great choice of bike! That one looks really nice. Sportsters are the best bikes that Harley makes in my opinion; the sportster Evo engine is flawless and superior to the big twin cam. Also the sportster engine has gear driven cams, no cam chain to wear out. Plus, replacing the drive belt on a sportster is a snap. On the big twins, that job is an expensive nightmare. Oil changes are also simple on the sportster compared to a big twin bike (it's a pain!). The 1200 sportster is every bit as fast as a big twin, because of the lower gearing and less weight. My sportster is 16 years old now, with 87,000 miles on it, and still runs great, and I have had zero problems with it.

  3. Henry Meguess: Don't know what you are referring to, cause the Sportster already comes with Metal Gear Drives to operate the 4 cams, no chains involved in cam operation. The big Twin Cam engines on the other model bikes, can be changed to gear drive, but, first one has to check the pinion shaft run out with the cam support plate removed to be sure the pinion shaft is no more ideally than still at the factory set spec of 0.001' or less or max run out or "wobble", cause if the crankshaft has begun to twist out of true, not a good idea to change out the Roller Chain drive to Gears, it can chew up the gears in about 1,000 miles, and if the gears are set to loose, it can also cause a loud whiny noise that will drive the rider bonkers.

  4. You have done a grate video …and a Very Nice Spotster 1200 .. good choice of bike.. thats what im looking at next year for my first Harley… i also like the 48 but i liked what you said about them… i think the customs got my vote…. thanks mate Steve-o Dunedin NZ

  5. The Sporster since 2005 have been very comfortable to ride on long distances I rode mine from Tx to Bermerton,Wa and back . The bike isn't really roke in til around 10 to12,000 miles, I was 60 plus years old,the one your showing would be much more comfortale to ride with that bigger tire in front

  6. In my opinion, this is the only modern Harley to considering owning, as the heart of the beast is it's EVOLUTION designed engine. Unlike, the Twin Cam engine, which uses a roller chain drive, with PLASTIC cam chain tensioners, which are designed to wear out and be periodically replaced, the Sporty engine, uses all METAL GEAR DRIVE to operate it's four cams. And the right side final belt drive on the Sporty makes it easy to change out, in minutes, with minimal downtime and at a very inexpensive cost, unlike the Twin Cam bikes, which require a costly, time consuming process, to simply change out the final belt drive. And since, '04, all Sportys come with a rubber mounted engine, to greatly dampen and reduce engine vibration. In older model,  Sportys, the ride could rattle ones back molars out, but, not, todays great Sporty, one of the finest bikes on the market for its size and one still gets that great Harley single crank pin sound, from the Harleys of yesteryear.

  7. Great vid but please speak louder next time. I have my laptop speakers turned all the way up and the youtube volume to max and its hard to hear you.

  8. Good choice.  I rode 883's for 40 years.  Bought a Dyna Glide Low Rider in 2008.  Nothing wrong with a Sportster.  I still have my 1997 883 Sportster Hugger, along with the 2008 Dyna.  (1584 cc). I am now 61 years old, and  I support your choice.  Many of my friends ride 1200 Sportsters…. J. Howe, Michigan, USA.


  10. Great review. Very informative. I'm riding a Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom (because Harleys cost too much), but the Sportster 1200 is my favorite cruiser.

  11. Congrats on a great vid. Very informative and I like the way you compared tutor bike to alternative HD options. Thanks

  12. Congrats on a great vid. Very informative and I like the way you compared tutor bike to alternative HD options. Thanks

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