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  1. you keep talking about victory, wake up dickhead. victory isnt made by h.d so it wont be like it.your such a fuck face no cares about your thoughts as your not a experienced rider you are a young dick that thinks he knows everything. you dont deserve the right to be on h.d

  2. harley are way different then victory so dont compare them. its like driving a vf 6 litre to a mini. there not the same wake up ive watched your videos you talk so much shit,you think you know everything by the way you talk you sound dumb sorry thats my opinion. your not an expert on riding what are you like 19 and you think your an expert. shut up talking shit.

  3. I've ridden a ninja 600, ninja 300, currently own a Yamaha fz09 which I'm selling bc I now have a 07 HD sportster 1200. Truth is if you're just looking for speed get a sport bike. If you want to really enjoy the open rode and go on 900 mile road trips buy a cruiser. There's so much to explore and it's not fun on a sport bike after 2 hours. But to each their own. I love all bikes bc I like riding in general it just depends on which type of riding YOU do.

  4. Yes.. You need to knock the plugs out of the pipes to get at the power.. Once you do that.. Boring no more !! Hang on !! and yes.. They shake at idle.. Rubber mounted motor ya know…

  5. You were testing a 1200cc Sportster mate, not a 1700+ Victory, why keep comparing it to a bike with a 500cc+ larger engine that has far more torque….Idiot…
    You need to spend a few more years on bikes and know more about what your ridding before you comment……..And keep your hands on the bars rather than ridding along one handed trying to be clever….Look mum, no hands, look mum no teeth…

  6. those 1200s need the carbs opened up and some slip ons, mine breaths waaay better, sounds alot more throaty. Stock exhaust on cruisers always suck because of regulations, you won't really get the full harley effect without modification!
    The bigger Harleys DO "rattle your face off" but that is what its all about it being loud and bouncy!

  7. If you like the victory GREAT but it is an apple to orange comparison if comparing the 8 ball to a 1200cc Custom. If you want a similar bike to compare/compete with the Victory, try the Street Bob or the Triumph Thunderbird. The Street Bob's are GORGEOUS bikes IMO!

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