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  1. he just said that this is the only one he would get. that doesn't mean that he doesn't know what he's talking about. maybe he just doesn't like the looks of the other ones

  2. @Tjita1 I've owned one. Small roads with tight bends are hard work, the bike wants to go in straight lines. It is a drag strip racer really. But I would own another.

  3. Those of you having experience in driving this kind of bike, how does the driving position compare to that of "regular" bikes where you have your feet under you, especially during long hauls?

  4. @SpiritelloDispettoso I am 1,67m tall so I am more into smaller one and I love the Triumph America. To bad it has a chain drive, because it's perfect for what I want it: traveling 😀

  5. Before 2010, muffler cover finish was rough and very easy to scratch, now they fix it with a smooth coating. Seat opened on the wrong side from my point of view, the seat lift on the same side then the muffler, very dangerous when your fuelling because gas could leak on the hot muffler and cause a fire. Otherwise, i love my night rod…also ABS is very performant and it is a must for that king of bike. Even if gravity point is very low, its not a racer, you cannot takes curves like a racer.

  6. Fuel comsuption will be better after rodage, near 300km for a full tank instead of less then 200km. Because its a forward controls, 5'8'' height is recommand, below that, not confortable. Passanger will be very unconfortable after a few hundreds km. Passenger forward foot peg kit is highly recommanded, plus a backrest. Negative point…Fuel comsuption, very hot in slow traffic (muffler heat),horn casing to thick, paint will be damaged by your pants rubbing on it,

  7. Night rod is a 125hp, and the torque is very good. 0-100km in 3.2 seconds, Maximum Speed: good enough to kill yourself. Fuel comsuption: enormous. In the spec they said 5.6 liters for 100km, this is an non sportive ride, more like 90 km ride with gear shift at 3500 rpm.

    It is a very good bike, very powerfull ,it could be a first bike, whatever CC size, it behing the bar that the problem is. If you thing that you can race with it, forget it, at 19000$ bike, not a toy!!

  8. with all respect….not for me…
    I will keep the shovel BT a live…still after over 30 years riding give me the right feelings.

  9. @ChocolatePoop1301 How much will they charge for a new VRSCDX — NIGHT ROD SPECIAL 2010 the US? I bet if tell u how much are HD motor bikes in Russia, u'll be really surprised on "overpriced" )))

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