Happy Birthday Keanu Reeves! From Gifting Harley Davidson Motorcycles to His The Matrix Stunt …

Happy Birthday Keanu Reeves 784x441
Happy Birthday Keanu Reeves 784x441

Happy Birthday Keanu Reeves! From Gifting Harley Davidson Motorcycles to His The Matrix Stunt Team To Having A Diverse Ancestry, Here Are Facts You Never Knew About Him!

Happy Birthday Keanu Reeves (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Keanu Reeves, who is better known as John Wick thanks to his work in the franchise, celebrates his 55th birthday today. Speaking of John Wick, did you know that the actor played characters with the name ‘John’ in about eighth movies. The movies are Point Break, Much Ado About Nothing, Johnny Mnemonic, Generation Um…, John Wick, John Wick: Chapter 2 and John Wick 3: Parabellum. Well, despite all the Johns he played, the one where he was a badass assassin part of a cult got everyone’s attention. That and his insanely generous nature. Over the years, Reeves has built an image of himself to be a very down to earth, simple human being with simple wants and needs in life. His way of life has become quite famous and people are now calling 2019 “Keanaissance”. Keanu Reeves is Internet Latest Obsession and These Funny Memes on Having his Appreciation Day Will Make You Smile

Well, a man who is a superstar but travels in a crowded train with no airs about himself is someone you’d like to know closely, right? His kindness spectrum continues to shine as he secretly donates huge sums of money to children’s hospitals. During one of his interviews, Reeves had even quoted that he wouldn’t want to live in a world where kindness is considered to be a weakness. Don’t know about kindness but his words sure made us weak in the knees! We’re sure there are many more interesting facts about the 55-year-old actor that you don’t know. So scroll away and check it out. Just 10 Memes Of Keanu Reeves’ Entry In Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe For Your Thirst-Day Needs (wink wink)

Keanu Reeves for a photoshoot

Keanu Reeves (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Reeves took pay cuts just so talented actors could join the cast

With Speed’s success, Reeves became very finicky about the work he chooses next. For The Devil’s Advocate, the actor actually took a pay cut of $1 million just so the production house could cast Al Pacino for the project. The movie did so well critically and at the box office too! In 2000, Reeves again took a 90% pay cut so that Gene Hackman could be cast in The Replacements. For The Matrix too, the actor signed a ticket profits share, an estimated $38 million. Instead, he let go the money so that the producers could use it to enhance the production value and extensive special effects of the film!

Keanu Reeves has a rich heritage

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Reeves’ mother Patricia Taylor, is English, from Essex and father is Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr, an American born in Hawaii with Chinese, English, Irish, Native Hawaiian and Portuguese ancestry. Needless to say, it has been passed on to the actor.

The actor gifted his The Matrix stunt team, a Harley Davidson motorcycle

Keanu Reeves and his love for motorcycles go a long way. The actor is very enthusiastic about two-wheelers and especially English motorcycles. Hence, he even co-founded “Arch Motorcycle Company” which make and sell custom motorcycles. Post the success of The Matrix, Keanu went ahead and gifted his entire 12-person stunt team a Harley Davidson motorcycle!

Reeves got blacklisted by 20th Century Fox for refusing to return for Speed 2

Speed was the turning point in Reeves’ film career. Not only did he find recognition as a talented actor and action star but the film did phenomenally well at the box office. When 20th Century Fox returned to Reeves to sign the sequel of Speed, the actor denied doing so as he wasn’t convinced with the script. This resulted in him losing $11 million for the role and being blacklisted by the studio for 10 years!

The true meaning behind Keanu’s name

The Matrix actor was named after his paternal uncle, Henry Keanu Reeves. The Hawaiian name means “the soft breeze over the mountains.” During his childhood, Reeves has been moving around continents from Hawaii to Australia to New York and finally Canada. He acknowledges himself as a Canadian.

Keanu has had several injuries courtesy his motorcycle rendezvous

The actor is a motorcycle enthusiast and has undergone several accidents. From broken ribs, ankle, a ruptured spleen and few lost teeth, Reeves is still up and about, making films!

He was once arrested

Just like many of the Hollywood celebrities, Keanu Reeves has also had run-ins with the law. However, his has never been very extreme. He was once arrested for driving under the influence, back in 2006. The actor stopped his car and confessed right away for running a red light!

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