Geared for the Harley-Davidson 2019 line-up

Geared for the Harley-Davidson 2019 line-up

Motorcycle company Harley-Davidson is shaking up the new year with the release of its newly enhanced 2019 bike line-up.

With the expected arrival of the new range of motorcycles, some of which already on Maltese shores and enjoyed by Harley fans, local Harley-Davidson dealer Fapi Motors Ltd has eagerly continued the upgrade of its staff training for better handling, repair and maintenance of all motorcycles to the highest standards.

Fapi Motors recognises the classical appeal and the loyal biker community behind the legendary brand. So it strives to provide the best possible customer experience and after-sales support. It was for this reason that the company dispatched one of its service technicians to an official Harley-Davidson workshop in Holland.

A Harley-Davidson Evolution engineA Harley-Davidson Evolution engine

Fapi Motors mechanic Jonathan Pandolfino, known within the biking community as ‘Panz’, happily accepted this training opportunity representing Harley-Davidson in Malta. The course began with a presentation of the new, digitalised repair manuals through ‘Digital Tech 2’, soon to become the user-friendly standard for all types of Harley-Davidson manuals.

Mr Pandolfino was then tasked to work on the Harley-Davidson Evolution, four-lobe, gear-driven camshaft engine and the Harley Davidson 60° SOHC V-twin, water-cooled Revolution engine, dubbed the Revolution X. Since the engines differ on key areas of performance it was imperative that adequate training is carried out on each engine to distinguish between their distinct and intricate components.  The Evolution engine features an air-and-oil cooled engine used in Sportster range models. On the other hand, the Revolution X engine is equipped with a liquid-cooled mechanism and is found on the Street models.

Mr Pandolfino said: “The whole experience was a fundamental learning curve and I believe I am now better equipped to handle a wider variety of after-sales services. Working with Harley-Davidson motorbikes is always a pleasure and we fully understand the value that the Harley-Davidson community places on after-sales and technical services.”

For more information, call (+356) 7900 1019, e-mail [email protected] or visit the showroom at Focus Building, Mdina Road, Attard. Fapi Motors is a mobility business unit within Famalco/Building Businesses.

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