Supercharged 260/360 Harley-Davidson V-Rod in Action Supercharged 260/360 Harley-Davidson V-Rod in Action 1

// Supercharged 260/360 Harley-Davidson V-Rod in Action

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Made in Estonia.

Specs of The Bike:

RC Components
Assault Chrome Wheels

18″ x 8,5″ Front Wheel
260/35R18 Front Tire
18″ x 13″ Rear Wheel
360/30R18 Rear Tire
13″ Front Brake Design Parts:
Öhlins Rear Suspension
Brake Caliper Adapter
Black Engine Block
Instrument Bracket
Speedo Housing
Front Fender
Rear Fender
Airbox Cover
Triple Trees
Airbox Logo
Pivot Shaft
Front Fork
Rear Fork
Front Axle
Front Hub
Rear Axle
Rear Hub

Other Accessories:
Stainless Steel Coolant Lines
Goodridge Front Brake Line
Goodridge Rear Brake Line
Sprintex Supercharger
Arlen Ness Headlights
Throttle Cables
Knurled Grips
CFR Exhaust
Clutch Line

Chrome Accessories:
Front Frame Covers
Rear Frame Covers
Front Brake Caliper
Engine Bolt Covers
Pivot Shaft Covers
Front Axle Covers
Rear Axle Covers
Handlebar Clamp
Footpeg Mounts
Switch Housings
Hand Controls
Brake Pedal
Switch Caps
Shifter Rod
Oil Dipstick
Shift Pedal

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  1. so much negativity I'm sure he gets use to how the bike Handel's just like anybody gets used to with what they got after awhile you just get used to it then you get good at it look at Evel Knievel back in the day you get somebody on a Harley nowadays and do the stuff he did

  2. Everything is Relative for Everything ! I find this bike Really Great in Appearance & in Handling ! Fredy, thank you very much for such a great post !

  3. Too bad we didnt get a real feel for the turbo. All i saw was a hot looking vrod (very hot) looking awkward being ridden. Get a real drifter on this bike and make it run the way it is meant to…otherwise its just a pretty ride. dont get me wrong…looks fantastic, just the video looked like they didnt wanna take it over 3000rpm :/

  4. beautiful bike, It enough to have a extremely wide tire on the rear of the bike but the extra wide front tire seems to make the rider really work in turns and it wasn't raising much hell in speed did you notice the car right behind the not going fast as the bike produced loud exhaust note?

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