Frankenstein Trikes: Harley-Davidson FXR Hooligan Trike

Frankenstein Trikes: Harley-Davidson FXR Hooligan Trike

Frankenstein Trike Conversion kit on Harley Davidson FXR. The “HOOLIGAN” as Featured in the Barnett’s Budget Build Issue.
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Quality and design set us apart from our competitors. We use only the best components and materials such as Dana differentials, 9” Ford street/strip axles, billet 4 piston calipers, stainless steel rotors, grade 8 or better hardware and 6061 T6 Billet aluminum. We are constantly adding new products, listening to user feedback and expanding the options available to our customers. Our Trike Kits are manufactured right here in Pleasanton, Kansas, USA.

We want our customers to have a satisfying experience when purchasing, installing and owning a Frankenstein Trike kit. Our entire staff is dedicated to quality and continuous improvement.

Choosing a Trike kit is an important decision, we expect you to compare our Trike kits to those of other manufacturers. We believe, the more you compare, the better we look.
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  1. I always say to each their own. I want one to play with and customize. they are still few and far between ( for now)

  2. Looks great but why would you want to ride one if your not disabled? Dads got an ol 45 servicar an its fun but wouldnt want to ride it everywhere. Look like a sick joke on a biker.

  3. god job did you modified an nighster , because i did see one in a picture on internet

  4. @MrReynolds420 Frankenstein Trikes rear end it is called a 38" Sport rear end. Check out the website frankensteintrikes

  5. i really want an fxr2…what better bike to make a Trike out of…this video proves just how savage the FXR frame really is…

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