First thoughts: Harley-Davidson Street Rod

WE RODE Harley’s new Street Rod at the end of last week. We’ve spent the weekend collating our thoughts and a full review is incoming, but here are some initial musings:

On the whole, the Street Rod is manageable and comfortable. The ride position is good, and not too extreme, and it works well at both slow and faster speeds.

As you might expect from a Harley, the engine is all about torque – it’s present as soon as the throttle is opened and peak torque hits at just 4,000rpm. It makes for a punchy ride, and means that, even though it’s heavy (238kg), the Street Rod has no problem punching out of a corner…

… And when it comes to corners, the Street Rod turns easily and works well as it traces a wide line through a turn, but it can begin to get flustered if you need to make line or speed changes in a bend because the suspension, though comfy, is soft and the Michelin tyres are poor.

Click here to read more about the new Harley-Davidson Street Rod.

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