Elvis’ Place // FXR Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Parts

Elvis Place FXR Harley Davidson Motorcycle Parts
Elvis Place FXR Harley Davidson Motorcycle Parts

Elvis’ Place is a Harley-Davidson parts sourcing outlet located in Northern California, specializing in FXR parts. The store is owned and operated by a single person, E, which insures the highest quality of detail and attention put into every order, every time. You can purchase his products online at:

www.elvisplace.com or


This video serves as a documentation of craft that this a dying bread, the small business. It is wonderful to see a man that thrives in the “small batch” business model; every product that leaves his shop goes through his hands and his hands only. Elvis lives and breaths Harley and specifically FXRs. He has given his life to creating the world that is Elvis’ Place, working 24/7 (almost literally). The process which he employs of serving the public openly and honestly can remind us of the roots of what this country was founded on: Hard Work, Entrepreneurship, and Passion.

Special Thanks to:

Jeff at Hines Signs
Kirk and Lisa Taylor
Jeff Smith

Nikon d5100 – 35mm f/1.8 & 50mm f/1.8

Music By: Jahzzar – “Roads That Burned Our Boots”, “Self Portrait”, “Curtain Up”, “First Rays”

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  1. I disagree with the opening thought. I learned how good getting great money was at 18 15$ an hour my first jib. And I worked dry hard for it. And I starve and am hungry for more and I push myself to make more money each job I get.

  2. I read a few negative comments on here recently. In case you want to see how my "feedback" has been since 1998 on eBay, here you go:
    http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=elvis_place-hdparts ……….. If you wonder how my direct customers like my service, packaging, product description and photos, feel free to ask any of them. If you are looking for Harley parts (especially FXR parts), feel free to visit my self-serve site at any time, http://www.elvisplace.com
    Enjoy your day!

  3. I don't begrudge him asking a premium for his parts because that's how economics works. But if I were looking for FXR parts I would exhaust all the other avenues before I bought from him because….. that's how economics works.

  4. I would not buy shit from this Jerk!! If you look there is still alot of fxr parts. I have owned a fxrs and a fxrp bad ass bike.

  5. I have a feeling this guy really likes to puff himself up. The longer the video went on, the more I got the vibe that he's pretty big feelin', like he's somethin'. The shots of him sitting outside, short bill beanie, all squinty, cool AND tough lookin' sealed the deal. His prices are high, but i didn't think much of it until I seen this video and see what this guy is doing; buying up fxr parts so he has a monopoly on them. Kind of a dick move, from a pretty self righteous guy, who apparently, designs tanks and fenders with an etch-a-sketch.

  6. This elvis guy is an assclown, and he does not know much about harleys as he thinks he does, every part that he sells has at least one thing wrong with it [broke or missing] I know of three people that bought from him and parts were damaged and missing something, do not buy from him

  7. This fag is a lying piece of shit, the babbling in the video is crap. His parts are RIDICULOUSLY OVERPRICED , what an insult to the large group of FXR lovers. For example this asshole wants $50 for an FXR seat cord!!!!!!
    I bought an inner primary from him as mine was cracked and at the time i was unable to find one on ebay. This dumb fuck sent me one that was the wrong year and ABSOLUTELY NOT the one in the picture. No customer service after, I ended up shipping my original cracked inner primary to a specialty aluminum welder who did an amazing job.
    PLEASE do yourselves a favor and avoid using this place at all costs. Search ebay, search everywhere, try someone old hermit in a repair shop – you never know who has skills

  8. This guy is a punk sells stuff on eBay and than rips you off on shipping what do you think 28 bucks to ship a one inch pin ? I called him on it and he got me blocked me on eBay….. Went crying to eBay like a coward ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

  9. you said you have been working 7 days a week for 37 years because you need money for your toys. If your working all the time when do you enjoy them ?

  10. Cocky asshole. Bet he wouldn't spout that self righteous "I'm a leader not a follower" in front of those fab workers he's got on his payroll.

  11. It's his stuff, if he wants to ask a certain price for it it's his choice…just like it's your choice to either buy or not buy or look elsewhere. It's called America…freedom of choice. Please don't fault the man for working hard at building something. Be happy he is doing something for all of us to keep on enjoying the beloved Harley FXR.

  12. Not sure how this guy sleeps at night . Just a dishonest person who scams others . If there is a such thing as karma his day will come. Very sad individual.

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