DOJ expected to drop $3 million from Harley-Davidson consent decree: Reuters

WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. Department of Justice is expected to drop a requirement that Harley-Davidson spend $ 3 million to reduce air pollution from wood-burning stoves, which was part of an August 2016 consent decree, Reuters reports.

In the consent decree, Harley-Davidson agreed to pay a $ 12 million civil fine and stop selling what the government stated were illegal aftermarket parts (super tuners) that reportedly increased performance but caused the vehicles to emit too much pollution. It also agreed to buy back the parts from Dealer inventory. The Motor Co. at the time did not admit liability and argued that the parts were to be used only in competition.

However, in the consent decree — which had not yet been finalized in a federal court — Harley-Davidson also agreed to work with the American Lung Association of the Northeast and spend about $ 3 million to retrofit or replace wood-burning stoves with cleaner ones.

In June, U.S. Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions barred legal settlements in federal investigations from including donations to third parties – for example, the American Lung Association of the Northeast in the Harley-Davidson case. Reuters reports that the Justice Department plans to refile the proposed consent decree without the $ 3 million project funding.

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