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  1. Many thanks for these Del. That's a few times you've helped smooth an install for me. I tend to always watch your vids the day before I do the install so there are no surprises and the fact I'm going senile way too early doesn't have the usual effect of me talking heatedly to my spanners..

  2. I am a new rider and slowly modifying my sporty. This video and your brake lever video helped me every step of the way! Thanks to you and Penny I'm starting to feel like I can do anything on my bike!

  3. excelent video, thanks for explanation; i hope you upload more video for sportsters; my iron 2015 just barely made 40k km; and i want to make do her services, cheers from Mexico

  4. ha, great videos, I have a 91 sportster and looking to change the clutch cable, but the cover is different to your video's.
    I have a very small inspection cover 2inch across, this does not allow to fit the new cable only adjust the clutch. can i do this myself does the whole side need to come off. can you advise, or point me to a video 91-93 sporster.

  5. Hey Del. Again Thanks for best videos out there.
    I've got a question if you don't mind. I was changing my levers on RSV Mille to ASV.
    Brake lever Pin was locked in the barrel, and it came out of master with a spring attached to it?
    There was no way I could put that spring back on or actually to take that pin out of a barrel because of the lock.
    ASV came with one pin included which I used instead, and then I reused the Pin from clutch for the clutch lever. I can't really tell which lever is clutch and which brake on ASV as they look the same. Does it matter which Pin I used where? Is this spring important?

    Now I am getting paranoid that something will go wrong at high speed ;/

  6. What if your clutch cable adjustment jam nut is not a 9/16? It's round with a rough prickly surface and I can't loosen it to adjust it.

  7. Thanks a lot for the great videos, it really helped me to improve the knowledge of the bike and of course save a lot of money that would be spent with the manufacturer. Greetings from Brazil

  8. Great video. Here in Brazil we suffer a lot with the high cost of parts and labor charged by the manufacturer. Which brand is this lever you have installed? Where can i buy one ? Ebay??

  9. Thank You, Both Clutch and Brake Lever removal and installation videos were exactly what i was looking for. Those are the same levers I ordered yesterday prior to seeing your video. So Thanks again. I bought my wife a 2017 Dyna Low Rider S and even at 685mm seat height, she is on her toes/ball of her feet. She touches a little better with bigger soled boots, but not enough. Do you know of any lower seats that would allow her feet to sit flat on the ground? She also had a hard/long reach for the brake/clutch levers which is why i purchased the Oberon adjustable levers.

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