Custom Harley V-rod Muscle

Custom Harley V-rod Muscle 1


Custom Harley V-rod Muscle

2010 Harley V-rod Muscle VRSCF ((Currently FOR SALE))

Test ride at 7:30

Me showin it off and goin for a short ride, just giving a taste of what it can do 😉

Vance & Hines 2-into-1 black ceramic exhaust
Lavarock and Titanium Exhaust wrap
MotoHooligan air box mod with outerwear filter
Powercommander V w/ Autotune
Lightweight Shorai Lithium Battery
Cyclone 866f alarm
LedGlow 12pc Advanced Million Collor Kit
H-D quick release windshield 400$ piece of freakin plexi-glass
Removed insert behind intake to make TRUE ram air
Cut lines out of middle section of radiator shroud
Replaced all open space in radiator shround with same mesh as ram air intake
Flipped mirrors
28t front sprocket; better mileage/ highway riding

Thanks for watchin let me know what ya think.

All riding and driving was performed by professional riders and drivers on a closed course, in Mexico.

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  1. kinda looked like you weren't counter steering on those turns man, make sure you learn to counter steer properly man, it'll help you ride safer and more stable.

  2. Nice!!!!!!!!! I Ride 04 VRSCA with V&H POWER SHOT exhaust & K&N FILTER TOPLESS ( no hooligan box) Power Vision dynojet tuner, great flash unit with other options for readings available. Looking to do stage 2 soon!!! I like how you have allowed more air flow with your dremel efforts & screens. You may be 1250 cc , but 1130 cc TUNED right makes all that and some, like the LED lights i have to put mine on now …they are screaming FAST AND FURIOUS AT ME FROM THE CORNER… Great tunes too bud , Peace!!

  3. guys be carefull on your front suspension on vrod muscle, this thing just snapped on my brother, he is gone :(( streight highway, first dip then bump, front rim broke and front forks juz st gone, in a milisecond he lost front wheel, overturn, hit the pavement, split second I lost my BRO 🙁

  4. Nice bike Bro! I like how we went out on a ride! Too many people just talk and look and explain which is informative and gives background, but we all want to know how it sounds and feels and you came through with this vid with the full 360 degree picture! Nicely done! Ride safe!

  5. Question Bro.. What's the easiest way to flip the mirrors? i know it's left to right, right to left but do you unhook the wires? or cut them and shrink tube it to hide the splice? Another question i have is what alarm do u have in there? i have the Harley security key fob system but no audible alarm.

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