Custom Harley Ultra Classic Two-Tone Paint Job

Custom Harley Ultra Classic Two-Tone Paint Job

A customize Harley Ultra Classic painted to match as a factory look.

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  1. in oz for the past 60 years we have been mixing the base coat with the clear coat it gives it a 3 dimensional look were laying base then clear docent.
    also now days the paint comes with less body in it than it did years ago so mixing half and half base and clear gives the it some guts.
    if you had of sprayed this stuff with the base and clear mixed looking into it . it almost looks 3d.
    something else it dose when you spray matalic colors like silver or blue  or green and lots of other colors you cant let it sit outside the clear will fail and peal off.
    but if you mix the base coat with the clear you can leave your car in the sun as muvh as you like wont fade or blister.
    a lot of painters use expensive clears to combat the paint fade but you can use cheaper clear and mix it with the base coat and no fading or pealing.
    im not a pro painter like been tort and have not got any qualifications in it but ive been spraying cars and bikes off and on for over 25 years and always mix the base and clear together like i said it makes the paint 3 dimension and stops clear fading and peeling.
    in fact macidis benz have painted there cars mixing clear and base coat since ether they started or clear was amaze you should try it man you will see the wow factor cheers from Australia.
    Well bud you did ask for comments with what we would do diffrently. lol

  2. Looks great ! Although this is YouTube so…. Haha

    "What gun adjustments did you make ? Gun adjustments ? You mean to tell me you're trying to paint motorcycle parts with a12 inch pattern ? "

    Old House of Kolor Jon Kosmoski reference.

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