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  1. Man I wanted to hear the exhaust that's why I like choppers, cause they're fuckin loud. Sports bikes are fuckin gay haha.

  2. Lovely bike, was wondering where the music was stemming from didn't realise it was the speakers on the bike, awesome! Gotta have sounds when traveling, a must! :)

  3. Very Very Nice Ride!!! Too bad for the wasted space taken up by foolish idiots making stupid comments full of hate and jealousy. Love the song also. Thanks for posting the video.

  4. Another huge POS waste of money that's worthless to actually ride.. WTF are these people thinking with these dick ass looking front tires? everyone thinks they are gangsta?? stupid shit!!!!!!! donate the money you spent on that for a worthy cause, like children with cancer or something.. buy a bike you can actually ride you poser !!!!!!!!!!

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