Custom Harley 48 Ride Out!

Custom Harley 48 Ride Out!

Finally got the gopro fitted, mic has some bad clipping issues at speed but a new one is arriving for the next video – thanks for bearing with it. Talk through of the mods and customisations to the bike and a country ride out to the Harley store in Oxford. Next up, fitting a load of new parts!

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  1. Why didn't you race that sport bike in front of you? Because you'd get fucking smoked, that's why. I like your bike though, you did a nice job with the upgrades & all that. Cheers.

  2. That's a nice looking 48 bud, may I ask how tall you are? You look comfy riding that I'm going to a dealers next week to sit on a few models as I'm a biggish lad at 6.2 17.5 stone..

  3. I've got a good Sony stereo mic for the GoPro Hero5 I use. Wind causes some clipping issues with the damn proprietary mic adapter. Good luck with your setup.

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