Custom Harley 48 Ride Out!

Finally got the gopro fitted, mic has some bad clipping issues at speed but a new one is arriving for the next video – thanks for bearing with it. Talk through of the mods and customisations to the bike and a country ride out to the Harley store in Oxford. Next up, fitting a load of new parts!

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  1. Why didn't you race that sport bike in front of you? Because you'd get fucking smoked, that's why. I like your bike though, you did a nice job with the upgrades & all that. Cheers.

  2. That's a nice looking 48 bud, may I ask how tall you are? You look comfy riding that I'm going to a dealers next week to sit on a few models as I'm a biggish lad at 6.2 17.5 stone..

  3. I've got a good Sony stereo mic for the GoPro Hero5 I use. Wind causes some clipping issues with the damn proprietary mic adapter. Good luck with your setup.

  4. Lovin your initial pickup on the 48! Hope I can get a 1250 or 1275 upgrade on my 883 this year if my budget permits 🙂
    What's the weird ringing sound? Is it the EFI pump or do you have a bell or something else?

  5. Yes, it's a Harley-Davidson law that you don't wave or nod at anyone dressed like a Power Ranger. Don't worry, I won't report you this one time. LOL

    It is odd that the fuel tank mouth is so small. The petrol pumps here, in the U.S., look like they're the same diameters as the ones in the UK. Odd.

    I'm guessing those are Progressive 412s you have on your 48. They are superior to the stock ones, especially if you had gotten the 13 1/2" lengths. They're much more comfortable and the extra inch greatly reduces peg scrapping. But obviously, that's not the overall look you're going for.

    May I also suggest you consider Alloy Art strut lights for your rear customizing. They go right behind your fender struts and blends right with them. I don't know if they're legal in the UK, but they do look rather trick. A friend of mine has them on his Dyna and you won't notice them until the lights go on.

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