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  1. Hey Josh, mate just about to buy one of these, I was told that getting custom made pipes would set me back around $1500 and it would be illegal in how loud it was. You have any idea if thats true? In the brisbane area also, cheers mate

  2. Sounds Magic mate I'm gonna get me one for my first road bike with that exhaust, should go for a ride with a go pro camera so we can hear it on the road when you open her up cuz

  3. can you post a link to the dyno run? not that i don't believe you but before i drop close to $1000 USD on an exhaust, power commander, and air cleaner i want to make sure it does more than just make noise.

  4. Hey guys how do we contact this guys to arrange this system please, let me know ASAP if you can cheers CroanyBy the way sounds awesome just how it should tuff and hearty

  5. Another thing that sounds good is the slow idle. Most of the videos I watch, the bikes idle way too fast. Thanks

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