CUSTOM CHOPPERS IN JAPAN If you Like Harleys, You Just May Like This!

CUSTOM CHOPPERS IN JAPAN If you Like Harleys, You Just May Like This!

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  1. i have never understood Japan's obsession with thin rear tires. Whether its cars from the manufacturers or these 'custom' choppers where one could have made these bikes look a lot cooler. But NO, thin tires are the way to go in Japan

  2. when the guys in japan show up at a harley meet with jap bikes , are the harley guys like "jap scrap!"?im just kidding around but pretty funny thougt

  3. I have soo much respect for Asian old school bike builders. They pay a lot of attention to the subtle details and make some of the best retro choppers and bobber. All the custom work I've ever seen come out of there is amazing.

  4. Great vid Mark. I am rather fond of Harley D's as well. Lucky they don't live in Queensland though, they would find themselves pulled over and charged with associating under stupid new laws the prohibit more than 3 motorcycle riders gathering in the same place. Especially if they are on Harley's…  

  5. This group even has a hydraulic-forked rigid built around a Harley-Davidson® XL power unit, in addition to the 'fifties FL's with hydraulic and springer forks.

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