Custom 2016 Roadster Harley-Davidson Full Build Details!

Custom 2016 Roadster Harley-Davidson Full Build Details!

Part 2 of a Youtube community Build. We have taken what you guys wanted and built it. Started with a Velocity Red 2016 Harley-Davidson Roadster and done some key custom components. Full Timelapse of the build. Explanation of all the parts involved.

Learn how to Ride a Harley from Matt Laidlaw Click link below

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  1. hi matt, like what you have done to your roadster, I have the UK abs and I'm thinking about going the other way re builtwell keystones, but here's a question for you, can I get a longer abs brake line from the mc to the splitter underneath the lower tree, one end is the normal brake line fitting the splitter end is what looks like a small screw in , I think I would need a longer line to fit higher than stock roadster bars, I've heard the change is OK for say a 48, but that would be with stock 48 bars which are higher than stock roadsters, I'll check with my dealership next time I'm there, but if you could throw some info that would be cool too, thanks in advance kev

  2. Hi, greetings from Spain. Very nice job your guys did on this bike! Gave me a lot of ideas for mine. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sweet bike! I went with 14in apes and 2in tank lift. All that's left to do is black out exhaust and upgrade intake. Thx for the moto!

  4. First, please tell Jamie I like the way the front fender was protected from small parts, sockets, & other miscellaneous items hitting it. Give him a soft mat to stand on, his back will appreciate it years down the road. Yes, I was a bike wrench for many years.
    Next video, please show the body angle with the new bars. Those of us that are approaching 70, it helps.
    Thanks for the great video.

  5. Hi there, can you recommend a billet, illuminated license plate holder for a 2016 Roadster? The ones I see online apparently won't fit the Roadster because the swingarm is different from other Sportsters. Thanks!

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