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  1. those that think Victory is all American parts needs to do some research. they do not use all American made parts. Victory is still a nice bike even if it has a lot of plastic.

  2. I'm trying to figure out how you get away with that license plate. you would get fined here in florida. those Samson pipes are a bitch to put on. I had a lot of trouble with the left pipe. well worth it in the end. I have the 36" non baffled.

  3. nice bike and i want buy fatboy deluxe like this, good joob !!!
    by the way what is the name of this song and i want download it

  4. Very nice. Im diggin the song just as much! U gonna throw some ext bags on it next? Very popular look for obvious reasons. Cheerz. D

  5. People sure do know how to ruin a bike . looks like something a homeboy would ride . I would not be caught dead on that god awful tacky flashy gangster ride .

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