Channing Tatum's Kentucky adventure features chainsaws, Harleys, Windy Corner

Actor Channing Tatum has posted a video of his recent visits to Lexington and Morehead to his Facebook account.

Tatum was in Kentucky earlier this month to promote his latest movie, “Logan Lucky,” which opens Friday.

“Instead of going to New York or L.A. and talking to the press, we decided to just go to the heartland and talk to the people that we actually made the movie about,” Tatum said in a narration to the video.

The movie, directed by Steven Soderbergh, is a heist caper about a down-and-out West Virginia group that tries to rob a NASCAR race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Tatum’s 6 1/2-minute video begins with his Aug. 6 stop at Windy Corner Market on Bryan Station Road. There, he gave a Harley Davidson motorcycle to Victoria Pittman, a prep cook at the popular Ouita Michel-owned restaurant. It was Pittman’s 20th birthday.

When Tatum hands the key to the motorcycle to Pittman, she repeatedly asks, “What?”

Pittman calls her mother to say that Tatum just gave her a motorcycle. Tatum takes the phone and says, “She’s not lying, Mom. … Mom, I do have to apologize. I did give your daughter a motorcycle.”

The video then shows Tatum’s visit to Harold White Lumber, a fifth-generation sawmill near Morehead.

There he tours the mill and then goes into the woods to cut a tree with a chainsaw. Tatum said he felt conflicted about cutting down a tree.

After the tree crashes to the ground, Tatum says, “You don’t expect how dramatic it is. It’s like watching a dinosaur fall.”

But it’s explained to him that opening the forest canopy to sunlight allows smaller trees to grow.

“It made me feel better about it,” Tatum said.

Tatum also visited Kentucky State Police in Harlan, but the video doesn’t show anything about that appearance.

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