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  1. I can't believe this guy posted this video. That cop was so cool, and in return was narked out by having the video posted ion the internet??? That was a snitch move.

  2. dont know if this is the original video… but i hope you feel good for not blurring his face and license plate… you fucking dick…

    . you basically ruined his career with this video. how can you be ok with that? like i get that he should not have done it, but you were the one that instigated it. you could of atleast burred his face and shit dude… wtf.

  3. people are so quick to judge. they wasn't reckless at all. they never got over 60 and anyone who rides knows that rocket could have it only wheelie'd but can break any speedlimit in the US in first gear.

    this officer is the kind of guy you want in your town. he's not looking to police the average guy. he's looking for the dope dealer selling to your child. the touchy uncle tickling your daughter to much. the drunk driver about to kill your family. Not the average dude just joking about a race.

    BTW , they started racing as soon as they built the second bike over 100 years ago. chill out.

  4. Such an awesome cop! Most would book him for the thought of even racing, if you see him again, give him a sweet fist bump handshake for me.

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