Came one, came all to Denton's Day of the Dead Festival and coffin races

Came one, came all to Denton's Day of the Dead Festival and coffin races

 “What works is lots of luck and a hard push,” he said. 

He and teammate Michael Nymeyer spent around 35 days building the “Winona Rider,” their team’s timely-crafted coffin car, expertly designed by the wives of the two men. Their vehicle had alphabet letters, string lights and waffles adorning the cart — an homage to the Netflix original series Stranger Things

“We work on the racing part and our wives work on the decorating part,” said Nymeyer.

Though Team Nightmare was eliminated before the final race, they were still happy to be there having fun. In fact, they were already excited to race again, Hipskind said.

“Next year’s different,” Hipskind said. “We’re winning, bro. Put that down, ‘Winona Rider wins in 2018.’”

By about 4:30 p.m., it was time for the final race. Last year’s champion team, Second Hand Sports, had just made it past elimination to take on Team HOG, one of two teams fielded by American Eagle Harley-Davidson in its first year in the competition.

“I was surprised,” said Jai Miller, Team HOG’s driver.

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