Buried Harley – Davidson (HDR)

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Buried Harley – Davidson (HDR)

Found this in a storage shed, buried amidst a large amount of auto-related parts and even entire cars. The easy part is that it is a Harley-Davidson motorcycle – I read the gas-tank. The hard part, for me, at least, is identifying it, specifically model and date. I did some on-line searching but really could not be sure. So… anyone out there knowledgeable of the arcana of Harley-Davidson willing to share their expertise? Would be much appreciated. – JW

Date Taken: 2014-05-08

Tech Details:

Taken using a tripod-mounted Nikon D7100 fitted with a Nikkor 12-24mm lense set to 12mm, ISO100, Aperture priority mode, f/6.3, three auto-bracketed exposures spaced at EV+/-2.0 around a 2 second base exposure. HDR processing was done in free Open Source Luminance/Qtpfsgui using the Mantiuk ’06 model to emphasize textures and not further exaggerate the odd colour casts caused by the lighting, settings used are listed below. PP in free Open Source RAWTherappe: import the HDR output jpeg and process it – this was done to try and get the effects of the lighting under control in what was a place lighted by almost every type of light source you can get: spot white balance off a small ‘white’ paper tag, sharpen, export to jpeg. PP in free Ope Source GIMP: slightly adjust the tone curve to deepen the darkest tones, slight contrast boost overall watching out not to blow out the highlight detail on the gas tank, remove slight residual green cast using the colour balance tool (I simply could not find a nice overall balance since solving any one issue simply increased another, so this is a compromise), dodge headlight to help it stand out a bit better, sharpen, add fine black and white frame, add bar and text on left, scale to 1800 wide for posting.

= = = =
Luminance HDR 2.3.0 tonemapping parameters:
Operator: Fattal
Alpha: 1
Beta: 0.9
Color Saturation: 1.1
Noise Reduction: 0
PreGamma: 1.6

Posted by jwvraets on 2014-05-09 12:19:58

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