BMW to equip touring motorcycles with active cruise control system

BMW ACC lead
BMW ACC lead

BMW to equip touring motorcycles with active cruise control system

BMW to equip touring motorcycles with active cruise control system&nbsp

Rider safety has become a focal area for motorcycle makers and most motorcycle makers are continuously trying to equip their products with a raft of safety provisions. From mandatory ABS to traction control system and cornering ABS, modern motorcycles come with a plethora of features aimed at enhancing riders’ safety on a bike. Some companies, like Harley-Davidson, are working on self-balancing technology while Lightning Motorcycles is developing an enclosed bike. All these features are driven by the fact that two-wheelers are inherently more prone to accidents than cars. According to reports, motorcycle accidents claims 20x more lives than car accidents, which clearly shows that two-wheelers, especially motorcycles, require several safety features. In line with this, BMW Motorrad has decided to equip its upcoming touring bikes with a safety tech that has been available on cars for long — Active Cruise Control (ACC). 

Not to be confused with regular cruise control, which is a common feature on high-end bikes, BMW Motorrad ACC is a special system that uses distance control technology to ensure the rider’s safety. Developed in partnership with Bosch, the system allows a rider to set the bike’s speed as well as the distance the motorcycle must maintain with a vehicle in front. ACC, with the help of several sensors, keeps monitoring the distance to the vehicle in front and reduces the bike’s speed when this distance is less than that defined by the rider. 

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BMW Motorrad ACC also comes into play when cornering; the system automatically reduces the speed and helps the bike achieve a comfortable lean angle. But with an increased lean angle, the system also limits the acceleration action and braking dynamic to not unsettle the rider by abrupt braking or acceleration. The new BMW Motorrad ACC is available with two different control characteristics — Comfortable and Dynamic — which alter the acceleration and deceleration behaviour according to the mode selected. Dynamic Cruise Control also allows the rider to deactivate distance control. But it must be noted that it’s a rider assistance technology, which means it is not independent in its functioning. This system only responds to moving vehicles, which means it doesn’t come into play in case of stationery vehicles that are in front, like during red lights or traffic jams.

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