Blessed to ride: Hundreds of motorcyclists attend prayer event

BLOOMINGTON — “Hallelujah” and “amen” could be heard over the rumbling of hundreds of motorcycles Saturday at Chuck’s Harley Davidson in Bloomington.

Organizers estimated more than 600 bikers rolled through the parking lot for the annual Blessing of the Bikes event.

The loudest preaching seemed to come from Steve McGee of Decatur, a church elder with the Christian Motorcyclists Association.

“We pray for a well-tuned bike as well as well-tuned ears and eyes for a safe riding passage. We’re here to bless the bikes, but God is more concerned with their souls,” said McGee. “I want them to know the Lord is coming back and we should all repent.“

A long line of leather-clad motorcyclists weaved bikes through the parking lot. Members of CMA prayed in groups over each individual, handing them stickers and a Bible passage at the end of the blessing.

CMA member Vicki Guymon of Delavan guided bikes through the long line. She said members pray for the mechanics of each bike, but also ask if riders have prayer requests.

“We believe a lot of bikers need the Lord. He blesses us well, and especially did with the nice weather today,” said Guymon.

After the blessing, Bryan and Kay Taylor of LeRoy parked their Harley and popped the trunk. A row of identical “Blessing of the Bike” stickers spanning back years were adhered to the helmet lid.

“It makes me feel safer during the riding season. I believe someone is watching over me and it makes me feel comfortable,” said Bryan Taylor, after adding the latest sticker to the bunch.

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As the weather warms up and more bikes are on the road, Kay Taylor said all motorists should stay vigilant.

“Always be looking for bikes,” she said.

“Don’t ever roll that stop sign,” added Bryan Taylor.

Tim and Julie Gray of Danvers said they regularly attend the event to support the local business and to experience like-minded fellowship.

“Everyone should drive with respect,” said Tim Gray. “Keep an eye on intersections and drive safe.”

Winnie Feken, owner of Chuck’s Harley Davidson, said she hosts the event to promote friendships and because “it is a right of passage for spring.”

“I like to do it on Easter Saturday. It’s always well-attended,” she said.

As for safe driving advice, Feken asks motorists of all kinds to “keep your wits about about you while driving.”

“Whether you’re on two wheels, three wheels or four … no texting or silliness,” she said.

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