Biker killed in high speed race with Audi driver, court hears

Biker killed in high speed race with Audi driver, court hears

Driver Dylan Dudgon and Elliot Beddow had been drinking in the same pub before tragedy struck in the early hours of September 3, 2016, Wolverhampton Crown Court was told.

The 20-year-old was estimated to be travelling at ‘just over’ 79mph on a Harley Davidson in a 30 limit, while the driver in a 2.8-litre Audi A4 Quattrohad reached more than 68mph moments before the biker lost control outside the Silver End Convenience Store in Brettell Lane, Brierley Hill, said Mr Andrew Baker, prosecuting.

Dylan Dudgon is accused of death by dangerous driving

Zukhriddin Abdumadzhidou was waiting at a red light to turn into Brettell Lane when the bike and car drew alongside his vehicle in the outside lane.

He told the jury: “The motorcyle started revving the engine but I didn’t hear anything from the car.

“They overtook me as we turned into Brettell Lane.

“The motorcycle accelerated away from the car and got 20 to 30 metres ahead of it.

“The Audi was chasing and overtook the motorcycle in maybe five seconds.


“I had them in my sight for about 20 seconds, they were kind of racing each other.”

When the witness reached the convenience store further down the road he saw the Harley Davidson had crashed into a set of railings and the rider was lying on the ground.

Motorist Mr Keith Ward also saw the bike and Audi and declared: “It appeared the car was in the process of overtaking the motorbike.

“They seemed to be racing each other because of the speed they were going. I only saw them for two or three seconds.”


When he reached the convenience store people were standing around a figure lying on the ground.

Dylan Dudgon

Mr Ward continued: “Some people were trying to talk to the motorcyclist to see if there was any sign of life.

“I attempted to feel for a pulse but could not find one.”

The victim was an inexperienced rider who had only been using such a powerful machine for a ‘relatively short time’ and was going too fast, said the prosecutor. He was certified dead at the scene after the machine skidded and careered into a set of the railings, the jury heard.

A subsequent test gave a drink-drive reading for the deceased that was just below the legal limit.


Mr Paul Hendrie, an accident and emergency charge nurse, who lives nearby, said: “I heard something skidding followed by a large collision.”

He got dressed and walked to the scene, the court heard.

The witness said: “Two men were running towards me saying someone was dead in the road. The back end of the bike looked like it had been crushed. The railings were extremely damaged.”

Dudgon, who had three passengers, stopped for a short time but did not remain at the scene and, as a result, could not be given an alcohol test, the court was told.

The 42-year-old did not go to a police station until days later when he admitted driving above the speed limit but not as fast as experts estimated, the jury heard.

CCTV analysis showed that the pair had been six tenths of a second and around 60 feet apart shortly before the impact while speeding down Brettell Lane in a ‘race’ that lasted up to a mile before tragedy struck as they headed for a local night spot, alleged Mr Baker.

He continued: “This was not a formal race, it happened in a moment but each was encouraging the other to drive faster and faster. Mr Beddow would not have lost control if he had not been racing the defendant, an older man in a high-powered car.”

The prosecutor concluded: “The cause of this terrible fatality was both men going too fast, egging each other on in a dangerous way, leading to a young and relatively inexperienced motorcyclist losing his life.”

Dudgon, from Victoria Road, Brierley Hill denied causing death by dangerous driving and the case continues.

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