Baggin Ass – How I Built a Custom Metric Bagger

Baggin Ass - How I Built a Custom Metric Bagger

I wanted a low and fast custom bagger to carry all my stuff but I didn’t want to spend upwards of K to have it. Got tired of backpacks and bungees – you know the one…. So I built my own. It took me just over a year to save for, purchase, then fit/finish all the components to complete the build. Here is how I did it.

Thanks Island Racing for all the nice machine work!

Thanks Tiff for putting up with all the late nights out in the shop!

Thanks to my friends who gave advice and support during the build.

Thanks NewWave customs.

Thanks for those that put FREE no-copyright music out there for us to use!

Lensko – Circles
Tobu – Seven, Infectious
Alan Walker – Force
Different Heaven & EH!DE – My Heart
Shark Attack – SoDak
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  1. Diggin on your bike man. I remember seeing this a while back when I was still in the contemplative stage. I've got most of my parts now and plan on setting my signals in the fairing also. I'm digging the style you've got, do you recall which signals they were? I've found a few that were almost close, but not quite spot on. Keep doing what you're doing man, you're killing it!

  2. Awesome build man. Mad respect. I wanna do roughly the same thing but with a Vulcan 1500 classic. Any tips or advice would be awesome

  3. I'm doing the same build you are never thought about replacing the fender struts That is what gave me a headache. Nice job

  4. awesome job! I do some fabricating work myself, but I've never done a whole vehicle before. I tip my hat to you and all your hard work.

  5. ima find you and make u my master yoda. i want a metric bagger as well. have a warrior, bout 2 buy a raider or 109r…… u da man…………

  6. REALLY enjoyed the video!!! Incredible vision with amazing talent!!!
    I'm a fellow Vermonter and a fairly new rider. Been modifying a '08 Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Classic for the last couple of years with plenty of compliments, but you can only do so much with just bolt-on's. You, my man, are an artist!!!!
    Hope to see ya on the road someday!

  7. what I wouldn't give to have talent like you you built my dream bike I'm hoping one day to atleast buy one like the one you built enjoy bro

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