Awesome Harley-Davidson Flat Tracker

Awesome Harley Davidson Flat Tracker
Awesome Harley Davidson Flat Tracker

Awesome Harley-Davidson Flat Tracker

It must be a flat track bike as it has a flat track style seat.

But wait….it has rear sets, so is it a café racer?

Mmm maybe not, it doesn’t have clip on bars….is it a streetfighter?

But if it has a Harley-Davidson it a cruiser? No definitely not.

Is it British – its got a hand made Spondon frame.

Frankly I’ve no idea what it is but I don’t care because I absolutely love it and it is a work of genius.

Hats off to whoever designed and/or built this. One of the best hand built bikes I’ve seen.

Posted by davekpcv on 2014-06-17 19:23:37

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