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  1. Ripp off !!!!, why pay $11,000 when you can go to Ridley and purchase a Auto glide CVT Trans and put it on a harley

  2. They just came out with one in 2015 for Harley dynas but there's no website.????? $12-15,000 for the conversion.

  3. Unfortunately The company could not get proper financing so they have put the product on the shelf for now. The investors that were interested were more interested in reverse engineering than actually financing the original product. 

  4. It's about time. I've been looking for a trike with auto tranny..But at a price tag of $ 12,000-15,000 just for a transmission is a lot out of my reach.

  5. Walters Automatic is no longer taking orders. Strange thing, so many investors want to invest for manufacturing this incredible transmission. Then they tried to get the trade secrets before actually investing and the banks want so much collateral that if Walters Automatic had that much collateral they would not need the additional money to manufacture. It is my understanding that Walters Manufacturing needed to mass produce in order to bring down the price of the transmission. Making them one at a time was costly and really made no business sense. Doing it that way, there was no real profit to grow the business. So even though Mr. Walters was getting over 2000 orders per month he could not accept those orders because of manufacturing limitations. They could not make that many fast enough to fill the orders. They were honest and just refused the orders and took no money.

    You would think that with that many orders a bank would want to finance such an endeavour. But, it seems that at first every financial institution wants to do the deal then it becomes a grab for the collateral and everything attached. This is how many businesses are stolen or shut down for the benefit of the competition. All they need to do is call the note due and you lose everything even your home. They do not need a real reason to call the note, they have clauses that allow them to do that. For this same reason Walters has refused to continue at this time to accept sketchy terms.

    I met Mr. Walters and must say that he and his family are truly incredible and humble GOD fearing people. They want to do things right and cannot afford to lose it all on a business gamble with what I believe are sharks. He is willing to partner up with these folks. No game they want to mortgage everything even collateral that has nothing to do with he business at a rate of 3 times the amount he needs to get the manufacturing plant up and producing. This is not a good bet! I can see where the lenders or investors would be motivated to cut the time to pay back and cause a default. There have been many takers even manufacturers in China. Those guys want a actual transmission sent out to them to see it working. The problem is that in China everything is copied. They too wanted to get the trade secrets before actually spending a penny too. What a mess!

    This is what happens when you mix an excellent product with corporate greed. Not to mention the push of other manufacturers that are doing business with the same investors or lenders. It takes money to make money and if you don't have the money the big fish stay ahead. I suggested that a co-op of some kind be created where the people who want to buy the transmission invest. However the cost to put something like that together was silly as well, eh lawyers. So, in conclusion. The Walters Automatic transmission continues to be improved in a undisclosed location and maybe one day we will see it make it's comeback with the made in America label and creating jobs across the country.

    This small mom and pop operation invested so much in this product that today they are just getting by. However, the dream is still alive! Move over Henry Ford this first of it's kind automatic transmission will make it's some day through the favor of God. I as does the Walters family believe that the prayers over this matter will be answered soon. There are so many good people that really need this, the letters Mr. Walters receives are heart wrenching at times. This is not only a game changer, it can bring back the passion in the lives of those who cannot ride due to the standard clutch.

    I was thinking that this would be a perfect product to manufacture and employ our American Veterans. That would be another plus. Support our Veterans!

  6. can anyone tell me how and where I can get in touch with walters mfg. it just comes up as not able to connect. I really really want one of these.

  7. Wow! Today i googled 'auto harley' to see if anyone had done one – even if only for the novelty!? ,, and Yes! OMG ! But i was really wanting to Hear one driving this gearbox and bike- and hear the engine sound through the gear changes, and possibly hear/ know about the engine-braking. Is there a vid clip?

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